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IRCC opens May 6 with a rough start as servers get overloaded with applicants

On your marks, get set, go! Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada opened the gates for the new six limited-time-only immigration programs aimed to grant temporary residents the coveted permanent resident status.

However, only an hour into opening day, IRCC announced on their Twitter that their online payment systems were experiencing technical issues. A second tweet followed three hours later confirming everyone’s suspicions: high traffic has overloaded the servers. Everyone is cramming to get in but the gate is only so big!

At the time of this writing, the live numbers are as follows:

389 applications have been submitted for health care workers with a 20,000 CAP
3218 applications have been submitted for essential non-health workers with a 30,000 CAP
26,746 applications have been submitted for recent international graduates from a Canadian institution with a 40,000 CAP

There’s still hope a lot of room for health care workers and non-health workers but the student cap is filling up fast. Once the smoke clears and the server issues are resolved, we should expect to see the other numbers rise really quickly.

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