Filmex Immigration.

The trusted brand for Immigration services.

Filmex Immigration is a trusted and professional consultancy that offers a broad range of immigration and naturalization services and solutions.


We are long-standing, regulated members of ICCRC (Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council).

Educated, trained and updated 

Being regulated members means that our consultants are educated and trained yearly to be updated with the constant changing of Canadian immigration requirements, policies, and programs, ensuring that we can be the best-informed immigration consultants we can be for our clients. 

Authorized, Certified, Licensed, and Recognized

Additionally, it also means that our clients can have peace of mind, knowing that they are working with a legal professional who is recognized by the regulatory bodies that protect applicants wishing to immigrate.

Filmex clients are guaranteed protection to the highest standards. As they say, the best immigration consultants are the ones who have your best interest in mind.

How to protect yourself from fraudster immigration consultants

There are fraudulent consultants who are not licensed and regulated which opens applicants to the risk of scams and worse, a compromised application.

We advise all to be careful of who they entrust their applications to. 

The sure way to check if an immigration consultant is legit is by visiting the ICCRC website
and searching the consultant's name. 

The process simplified

Every step of the immigration process is simplified when you choose the Filmex brand to represent you.

It begins when we sit down with our clients, listen to their needs, analyze their situation, determine the best solution and formulate a strategy to move forward.

The whole process is handled by a professional immigration representative from beginning to end. 


For almost a decade, we’ve seen many families reunite, new lives begin and many opportunities unfold for many people.

We hope to do the same for you. 

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